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Let me help you Buy Your Home or Sell Your Home in ALBUQUERQUE or RIO RANCHO.
Moving to Albuquerque?
Click here for a Relocation Package from one of Albuquerque's Relocation Specialists (Certified USAA and Cendant Mobility). Your Relocation Package will be on it's way - and your questions will be answered by a 30+ year Albuquerque Resident!

See the House of Your Choice from a Bird's Eye View!

As the City of Albuquerque has grown, so has the surrounding area! Now the “Albuquerque Metropolitan Area” encompasses a second city unique unto itself, the City of Rio Rancho! Northwest of the City of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho has its own atmosphere of open spaces and bustling city center shopping. Still in its infancy and growing daily to the north and west, Rio Rancho Real Estate is as unique as the City itself.


Whether you live in Albuquerque at present, are moving to Albuquerque in the future or are considering investing in Albuquerque, allow us to provide comprehensive and up to date information on our Home Town!

An Albuquerque Resident? Check our Living in Albuquerque page for Things to Do and See, Cultural Activities, Sports Information, News and Magazines, Housing Statistics - all the Day-to-Day Albuquerque Trivia to make your life fun, exciting and easy! Investing in Albuquerque? Check our Investing in Albuquerque page for information on the Area as well as Taxation and Revenue information, links to our local News and Magazine publications, our Educational Facilities! Albuquerque is a Hot Market! Allow us to help prepare you for your next strongest investment!
An Albuquerque Resident in the Future? Check our Moving to Albuquerque page for information on our City and the logistics of moving here! Links to our Utility Companies, our local Newspapers and Magazines and our Educational Facilities - as well as all the fun things you'll find to do when you get here! Bringing your Family Pet - check out the tips on how to move your Furry Friend in ease and comfort!
BUYING a Home       
I INVITE YOU to take advantage of my resources to help find a home for sale in the Albuquerque or Rio Rancho Areas. Click here on Help Me Find My Home and complete the information requested. I will report to you on homes that meet your criteria and, should you wish, every morning thereafter I will review the homes that have come on the market the day before, reporting to you on anything of interest. To search for yourself at any given time, choose Look for a Home or Look for New Construction.



I INVITE YOU to take advantage of my FREE Pre-Sale Market Analysis service. If you are planning to sell your home in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, click here on Pre-Sale Market Analysis and complete the information requested. After comparing your home to those recently sold in your area, considering market trends and compiling an analysis of the sale value of YOUR home, I will meet with you personally to present both my data and my recommendations.


When buying a home, it used to be you went to a calculator, punched in some numbers and you knew what you could afford and what your payment would be. NO MORE! There are too many types of home loans, types of qualifications, types of considerations! RUN, DON'T WALK to HOME LOAN - FIRST STEP and find out what is right for YOUR home purchase!

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